Saturday, August 6, 2011


I will be the first to admit that I am one of the easiest people in my world to distract, even when I am supposed to be focused on a simple, specific task.  I am not proud of this characteristic.  I am merely pointing out a flaw that I know I have as a human being in hopes of finding a way to adjust . 

Distractions come in so many different forms, ie. music, friends, phone calls or just plain boredom, and tend to beg for me to avoid what I am wanting, or needing, to be focused on at the time.  I have found myself randomly being bombarded with miscellaneous ideas, thoughts, persons, etc. that drag me off course, only to find that I have allowed my ending goal of accomplishing various tasks has been thrown to the wayside.  With this finally being admitted openly, I can also say, I have felt like a failure for not following through on certain endeavors.

Although, recently, I have yearned for someone or something to distract me from the reality that is my life.  I have begged and pleaded with myself to stop thinking and analyzing recent happenings, and just find a new focus, but finding that distraction has become harder here in the present than in the past.  The conversations that had so easily become a quick and easy way out, have now ended and almost become that of a dream.  Trying to search out a replacement or just learning to accept such a complete change, I am finding, is extremely hard when the kind of distraction that was so readily available before is no longer an option.  So many changes have taken place within the last few weeks, that my favorite distractions have been, for lack of better term, erased from my life.

I feel like I am a living, breathing oxymoron.  On one hand, I adore my distractions.  Yet, on the other, I loathe them. There is the possibly I am dissatisfied with my own self, for feeling like I need be distracted to be able to get through my days and to cope with my reality.  And I still find myself reaching out for distractions to lead me away, even when I know there are extremely important tasks that need to be tended to.  

Random thought: In the time that it has taken me to write this little bit from my heart, I have had at minimum of 7 different conversations and various other distractions making my "train of thought, jump track." 

Granted, being able to multi-task is a great quality to have and I know many people who are able to do so;  yet, I, personally, never actually claimed to be a "master multi-tasker" but I sure can fake it.  Although, being distracted from what needs to be accomplished and being able to multi-task while completing various duties or assignments, tend to be different by definition.  In my world, distractions negate progress.  Multi-tasking conquers what often is hindered by distraction, achievement of goals. 

Closing thought: To focus is to avoid distractions.  Plain and simple.

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  1. Just stay focused on what is best for you. Give it your all. Don't let ANYONE keep you from reaching your goal! Love you!