Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Lovable Randomness

Here's a little "background" on the girl I am.  I am a "facebook junkie."  I cannot flow with the same train of thought for a long period of time (as noted in my "Distractions" post).  I love catching my friends completely off guard by messaging, texting, or just saying the most random ideas or comments at completely random times.  I am then known to be "Captain Obvious," stating "RANDOM" right after the comment.  I have been told numerous times that I can only be "handled in small doses," which is hilarious to me!  I love to make people smile and laugh.

Randomly random facts about myself:
  • I used to suck my thumb until I was about 14.
  • I believe in God.
  • Everyday, I wear something pink and/or sparklie!
  • I refuse to eat any white & creamy substance, with only a couple exceptions.
  • I had never been to the beach until I was 22 or 23.  First time was at nighttime with a group a girls I had just met that day, in North Carolina.
  • I love wintertime.
  • I once had lunch with Mr. Olan Mills, II, Chairman Emeritus of Olan Mills INC.  
  • I conquered my phobia of cleaning a cat box, finally, at the age of 28.
  • I love Pepsi.
  • I have a passion for photography.
  • I still have a crush on Jon Bon Jovi!
  • I kissed a girl and it will happen again.
  • I have never had my very own apartment.
  • I am a domestic violence survivor!
  • I HATE spiders & snakes!
  • Even when my children are not with me, I tell them "Goodnight.  And have good dreams.  I love you, my little honeys," outloud.
  • I am a terrible liar.  
  • I still have a piece of my "blankie" from when I was way little.
  • I have had a one-night stand with a man that did not remember my name in the morning.
  • I have an minor obsession with facebook.
  • I am always listening to music; hardly watch television.
  • Unfortunately, I have been caught engaging in sexual acts by random strangers, and people close to me. 
  • I can wrap presents like a pro.
  • When our Ecology Club went to Boston for a Whale Watch, I went through 10 rolls of film in just three days!  I was only 13 at the time.
  • I live with "open-mouth-insert-foot syndrome."
  • I was not allowed to attend my Grandpa's funeral because I was on crutches at the time.
  • I have put on makeup just to go to the grocery store since I was a teen.
  • I own a bracelet that says "No Boyfriend, No Problem."
  • I hate horror films!
  • Usually my face turns bright red when I laugh extremely hard.  Sometimes, I snort.  Other times, I cannot breathe. 

Do not judge me by what you have just learned about the person I am.  These are all part of what make me unique.  I can be almost 100% sure that you have some truths about yourself that you are uncomfortable with.  Possibly the only difference between us, I accept who I am and am not ashamed any longer of my choices, especially the one I'm about to make when I click the "Publish Post" button.   

Closing thought: Be random, and enjoy it.  Plain and simple.

* ˚ ˚˚ ˛★* 。 ˛°

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